Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ring Around the Cut-outs

Here's a common problem experienced when you are cutting a subject from its background or cutting and pasting your subject into a new scene.


When you use the magic wand or whatever your favorite separator tool, often the cut does not reside exactly along the edge. It's close give or take a few pixels. And that's why when you enlarge to view your cut-out image, or you place it in a background that contrasts with your edge you notice that it has an undesireable border - an unwanted ring around the edge of your subject.

Well here's a quick Photoshop fix for you.

While you have your cut-out subject selected,
on your toolbar go to:


You will be shown an option for pixel size. That is to designate how
many pixels Photoshop will automatically remove from the edges
of your subject. I find 2 pixels is a good place to start. If it's not enough, go back and run the sequence again.

Pretty cool huh? I'll bet you never got that far down the menu
in Layers before! So many options and no one to sit beside us!

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