Friday, April 17, 2009

Pop Eyes

Here's a quick and easy 3-step technique that can really give life to the eyes.

1. Use Ctrl-J to duplicate your background layer, you can rename it "pop eyes" or whatever you like.

2. Use the DODGE tool (looks like a ball with a pin stuck in it) set to a small enough size to lighten the iris, between the pupil and outer edge of the iris. Setting should be MIDTONES, with the exposure less than 20% so as not to over do it.

3. Use the BURN tool (opposite of dodge) set to a small enough size to just darken the outer edge of the iris and also the pupil. Settings should be SHADOW and exposure less than 15%.

You can also use the BURN tool to darken the eyelashes and around the edge of the lids for a bit more "pop".

Essentially, we're just using the dodge and burn tools to "paint" a little lightness and darkness contrast to key areas around the eyes. Keep in mind that when using the dodge and burn tools here, the strokes cannot be reversed...unlike the non-destructive dodge and burn method shown in an earlier post

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