Sunday, April 12, 2009

Digital Wake Up Call

On Thursday night I attended one of the most intense seminars on photography. This guy hit the ground running and didn't stop until nearly 5 hours later. Yes, it started at 6pm and didn't end until nearly 11pm. My head actually hurt from straining to take in all the info. This guy knew so much about digital photography, cameras, lighting and the software that makes everything pop...he could have gone on all night, probably all week without notes.

I'm talking about internationally known, professional photographer David A. Ziser and his "Digital WakeUp Call Tour 2009...A New Dawn." Mr. Ziser is a professional wedding and portrait photographer from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Here's a brief rundown on what was included in his phenomenal seminar (taken right from the cover of his full-color, high-gloss seminar wookbook:

- 32 Ways to use your on and off camera flashes for creative and dramatic effects
-10 of the best lens choices and camera settings for creating striking images on every job.
-7 ways to use DSLR video capabilities to transform your product offerings.
-10 "Magic Bullet" techniques to make your digital workflow nearly effortless, highly efficient, and fun with today's top software from Adobe Lightroom 2, Photoshop, NIK, and more.
-20 new product and solid business building ideas targeted to today's customers to add substantially to your bottom line.

You'll absolutely come away from his seminar brimming with ideas that you'll want to try right now. Saddly, after cramming your head full of information, you're too tired and it's too late in the evening to do another thing tonight. But there's always tomorrow!

David puts lighting and camera technical babble into quick, easy to understand lessons that anyone can follow. He's got a PowerPoint presentation up on the screen where he shows you exactly how he got the great shots, step by step. That's what we all like to see, right!

Before I get too long here, let me just say it's a great program and if you get the chance, go see him. (It's less that $60 for a whole night of great professional instruction!) Plus he's handing out $1000's of real value door prizes each night. PLUS, you get a DVD full of additional tips!

If you want great tips on lighting, on camera settings, on shooting weddings, on PHOTOSHOP, LIGHTROOM 2 and more...check out his webpage at:

PS: This is just a great tip for y'all, not an affiliate link. I get nothin' if you go there except the satisfaction of knowing I passed along some great tips. And that's what this blog is all about!
With about 60 tour dates and cities, he might just be coming near you!

Robert Schwarztrauber

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