Sunday, September 19, 2010

Look 10 Years Less than 30 Seconds!

Babies know the secret to looking's softer skin!

In today's quick tip I'll give you the fastest way to turn back the hands of time on those of us who no longer wearing our original birthday suits. The fastest Photoshop way, that is.

Here's a tip ripped straight from the pages of "The Original Photoshop Recipe Book"  Page 41 to be exact.

Skin Soften with High Pass Filter

Step 1: Duplicate your background layer
Step 2: Change the new layer's BLEND mode to OVERLAY
Step 4: Set the pixel value to 9.5 and click OK
Step 5: Press CTRL-I to invert the layer (photo will get blurry)
Step 6: Begin reducing the layer OPACITY until a nice skin smoothness
is obtained.
Step 7: Add a layer mask and paint with a soft brush (color:black)
over features that should be sharper (like eyes, inner lips, teeth, hair, etc)

In less than 30 seconds you can remove years from the faces of those you love. (or those you are trying to sell portraits to!)

BONUS: This will also help to diminish the appearance of stray hairs across the face, acne blemishes, scars and blotchy skin! A 30 second cosmetic surgery!

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