Friday, October 15, 2010

Control Your Photoshop

I still remember the joy I felt
when I realized that I finally "got it".

After months of frustration,
opening then just as suddenly
closing Photoshop, in a huff
because I couldn't figure out
how to make it work,
the day finally came when
I could edit a photo.
Poorly at first. But my
learning curve rose sharply
from there.

Control had shifted. Now I was in control!

And so today I bring you some of my favorite
CONTROL keyboard shortcuts
to help you tame the Photoshop beast.

And, I'll show you where to get a PDF list of
all the Photoshop keyboard shortcut commands
for your system.

And, If you haven't yet contributed to my
research study on what photography means
to you, I'll give you that link again. It will help
me tailor my messages and tips to your desires.

So first, here are my favorite "Control Freak"
keyboard shortcuts...

Ctrl-J  Duplicate the current layer
Ctrl-E Merge your current layer to the one
            directly below (merge down)
Ctrl-H Stop those "ants" from marching
            Repeat to make them start again
Ctrl-Z Undo your last command
Ctrl +  Zoom in
Ctr l-   Zoom out
Ctrl- Left mouse click on Layer Thumbnail
         (creates a selection of the entire layer
          with marching ants and everything!)
Ctrl-  Click on create New Layer icon to
         put your new layer BELOW the current one
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E  Create a new layer then use this to
                          Merge all active layers together
                          (it's like flatten all layers but the individual
                           layers are preserved so you can still
                           go back and make changes if you wish.)

Well, that should help you take control and gain some speed
in your editing.


I hope you can help me in my research, The results
have been very interesting so far. It's just 10 simple
multiple choice questions in an anonymous online survey
hosted by SurveyMonkey. I'll be sharing my findings
here in a later post so make your thoughts known!
Here's the link, it will just take you a minute
and help me a lot...

Finally, If you want a complete PDF of all the
keyboard shortcuts for:

    * Adobe Photoshop CS4
    * Adobe Photoshop CS3
    * Adobe Photoshop CS2
    * Adobe Photoshop CS
    * Adobe Photoshop 7
    * Adobe Photoshop 6
    * Adobe Photoshop 5
    * Adobe Bridge & Adobe Camera Raw

Go Here:

That's it for today!
I hope you took time to complete the survey above.

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