Monday, June 29, 2009

Play with a Full Deck

Just a quick note to let you know...

The full deck of Photoshop Tip Cards in now complete!

Now, you too can become an instant Photoshop wiz!

Now, with your own set of Photoshop Tip Cards, you can plow through a pile of pre-printing processes in no time too!


There is a simple, low-tech way to get help for the popular Adobe Photoshop editor.

Wasting hours with distracting searches on the internet, flipping between screens looking for help as you're trying to work!

The time wasting trial and error attempts to remember how to do all the complicated adjustments!

Your creative powers into making eye-catching digital images FAST!

Your house will be on FIRE!
With productivity and imagination.

52 easy to use index cards show in simple terms exactly how to do all the most popular Photoshop edits, tricks and "secret" shortcuts. And thanks to input from our members, printing costs have been substantially reduced. You're going to love (and be amazed at) the price!

Start playing with a full deck!
Get more details or order yours today at:

Christie said it best...
"I love, love, love your tip cards!"

Yes...they were designed by me for YOU!
Made right here in Buffalo, NY USA!

"Like a Photoshop seminar in every box"
(Only I saved you the high-priced fees and took all the notes for you!)

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Anonymous said...

Way to go! What a HUGE undertaking, and now you've got it finished. These should be worth their weight in gold!!

Well done,